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Updating olap cubes sql server

Using the database defined in Appendix A, a typical script to LOAD comma-delimited data into a number of tables would be: CONNECT TO Library; DELETE FROM Volume; LOAD FROM OF DEL INSERT INTO Volume; DELETE FROM Story; LOAD FROM OF DEL INSERT INTO Story; DELETE FROM Volume_Title; LOAD FROM Volume_OF DEL INSERT INTO Volume_Title; DELETE FROM Volume_Publisher; LOAD FROM Volume_OF DEL INSERT INTO Volume_Publisher; DELETE FROM Author; LOAD FROM OF DEL INSERT INTO Author; DELETE FROM Story_Title; LOAD FROM Story_OF DEL INSERT INTO Story_Title; COMMIT; TERMINATE; (Chapter 10)In a partitioned database, large amounts of data are located across many partitions.Partitioning keys are used to determine on which database partition each portion of the data resides.The values are then rolled into the transformed set.

Extraction is the task of acquiring the data (in whatever format might be possible) from the source systems.

Data from external systems may contain incompatible or incorrect information, depending on the checks and balances that were in effect on the external system.

Part of the transformation step is to "cleanse" or "reject" the data that does not conform.

The data must be partitioned before it can be loaded at the correct database partition.

The following terminology will be used when discussing the behavior and operation of the load utility in a partitioned database environment: Visit the DB2 Business Intelligence Web home for the latest news on DB2 BI products.

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If the ALLOW READ ACCESS option was specified, the table will also be in the read-access-only state.